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Residential Plumbing Services

Home plumbing is one of those parts of life that you rarely think about until there is a problem. Most of the time, everything works, but it takes only a slight blockage a small leak or a malfunctioning toilet to make your home’s plumbing your highest priority. Then you will be searching for a plumber or asking your friends for plumber referrals. Plumbing hot water and heating system

Bell More Plumbing and Heating provides a full spectrum of residential plumbing services.  We will service, repair, maintain, install or upgrade in a quick, thorough and efficient way.  Our plumbing team has both the knowledge and the experience to find and diagnose a problem, to make the most practical and affordable solutions and to complete the repairs.

Recommendations are based on the solution that will be the most affordable and least problematic over the long term.  We will help you to feel confident that your plumbing system will run smoothly and keep doing so.

For customers who are focused on improving home safety, we can also help you with the installation of hand-held showers, shower and tub grab bars, walk-in bathtubs and comfort height toilet. This is ideal for homes where seniors live or will be visiting.

Moreover, our plumbing team is always here for you in case of emergency. Keep our number handy in case of virtually any plumbing problem such as clogged drains, leaking pipes or a malfunctioning hot water heater.  It’s always best to stop these problems as soon as they’re detected to prevent them from getting worse.

We will handle your plumbing repairs or installation, no matter the shape or size. The Bellmore Plumbing and Heating team is here for you when you need us.  Call us today at (516) 781-5999 to schedule on of our master plumbers.

Plumbing Services include but not limited to:

  • Repairing all leaks (water or gas)
  • Gas Piping Installed and Repaired
  • Water Piping Installed and Repaired
  • Sump Pumps Installed and Serviced
  • Water Heaters Repaired and Replaced
  • Underground Water And Drain Piping Installed And Repaired
  • Anti-Scald Tub And Shower Faucets
  • Repair or install new toilets, sinks, faucets & fixtures of all kinds
  • Video inspection of sewer lines
  • Filing Permits and Correcting all plumbing violations
  • Install Whole House Water Filtration Systems
  • Install Icemaker Lines
  • Tankless Hot Water Heaters
  • Electrical Dain Cleaning of all Sewer and Drain Piping in Home
  • Bio-Clean Bacterial Enzyme Drain Treatment Programs  
  • Kitchen and Bath Alterations and Additions
  • Winteration of All Plumbing Fixtures and Piping
  • Installation of Pressure Vacuum Breakers and Double Check Valves

We have been providing plumbing services to Suffolk County and Nassau County NY for years. We are the “most referred plumber in town”.