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Don’t you just hate pin hole leaks in your pipes? The other day we got a call from a customer with a home in Old Bethpage NY, which is a hamlet of the town of Oyster Bay NY. Old Bethpage is quaint little town, that we highly recommend you visit on your next trip to the Long Island area. Anyway back to the plumbing…

Whole House Water Filtration Old Bethpage

Fixing Leaky Pipes in Old Bethpage

The fix for those leaky pipes which had numerous pinhole leaks, was to remove the leaking sections and add a hole house filtration system that is able to filter out not only sediments, but Chlorine as well.  The house had a water sanitation system installed, which was not set up correctly, and was putting way too much sanitizer into the water.

Additionally, the water pressure was way too high at 90 psi, so we also added a pressure reducer valve, which reduced the pressure to a safer 60 psi.

And so for a good part of the day, we were able to fix our customers basement and allow it to dry out.

Got some leaky pipes? Give us a call we will be glad to help you out.