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A Customer Review

Below is a letter from a client. Very nice review. I believe he does some sort of writing for a living. But its great when people we service bless us with great reviews.

Routine maintenance is a part of living in most homes. Changing light bulbs, cutting grass, most people have to do some kind of upkeep in their house but there are some things you just can’t plan for. We had just such an incident recently.

Ever had your basement flood? This was a first for us. I went down to our basement to do some laundry and noticed a puddle covering a large portion of the basement floor. When I initially saw the puddle, I didn’t notice the smell and thought it was water coming from outside but when I got a few steps closer the stench hit me. It was foul, almost indescribably bad.

What actually happened was the pipes underneath the house had gotten clogged and all of the water trying to drain from the various sources within the house began to come back up through the drain in the basement floor.

I can fix some things but anything about plumbing is a bit out of my comfort zone. Luckily, finding a good plumber wasn’t difficult, and was as easy as calling Bellmore Plumbing. The work was fast too. Apparently there was some kind of blockage (still unidentified) in the pipe about twenty feet from the drain. The blockage needed to be ground up into dust and pushed through the drain so the water had somewhere to escape. The job consisted of getting a powered drain auger, snaking the drain then waiting for the water to dissipate. I watched the guys from Bellmore do the whole process and it only took about thirty minutes. A thorough scrub of the floor and the basement is back to its old self again.

The master plumber did tell me that if the problem continues we should contact the city about it because it may be tree roots growing through the drainage pipes and the city may fix it for free. Maybe I should have tried to do that first but hindsight is 20/20 and I’m just glad the problem was solved.

Things like this make me wish that I could still file problems under the heading, ‘Someone Else’s Problem’ but help came shortly after I called Bellmore and the work was done quickly so I can’t complain.

Thanks Bellmore

B. Beecher.

Glad we were able to exceed your expectations Mr. Beecher.