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Nest with 3 bird eggs in Farmingdale

3 bird eggs in a next

It’s AC Repair Season!

Yes folks, the air conditioning repair season is upon us. We got a call to work on an air conditioner in a Farmingdale home. Upon starting to service the ac unit, our tech Adam, found and saved a nest with a momma bird and 3 eggs.

AC Repair in Farmingdale

AC Repair in Farmingdale

Regular maintenance of your AC unit will ensure that it lasts for years. Additionally, regular maintenance will insure it operates at peak performance thereby using less energy.

What parts of the AC unit need regular servicing?

  • Filters need to be changed and/or cleaned regularly
  • Coils and Fins should be checked and cleaned of debris(including bird nests and other wildlife)
  • For bigger units the compressor will need to be checked
  • Finally, all the condensation lines should be checked yearly as well to be sure they survived the winter intact. We have seen condensation lines that froze over winter and cracked. Then when the first cooling day arrives, water shortly starts running down your walls.

All repair jobs may not be as rewarding and easy as the Farmingdale unit, however, they are all very important and necessary. Don’t wait until its peak cooling season to have your A/C repaired. Give us a Call today!

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